Monday, April 20, 2009

. One By One All Day .

"Howdy, lem," my grandfather said with his eyes closed 
Wiping the eastbound dust from his sunburned brow 
A life before doubt. 

I smell the engine grease and mint the wind is blending 
Under the moan of rotting elm in the silo floor. 

Down a hill of pine tree quills we made our way 
To the bottom and the ferns where thick moss grows 
Beside a stream. 

Under the rocks are snails and we can fills our pockets 
And let them go one by one all day in a brand new place. 

You were no ordinary drain on her defenses 
And she was no ordinary girl 
Oh, Inverted World 
If every moment of our lives 
Were cradled softly in the hands of some strange and gentle child 
I'd not roll my eyes so.


  1. "I smell the engine grease and mint the wind is blending"

    I heard 'mince' instead of 'mint' in the song, odd :/

    "Oh, Inverted World"
    The kicker of the song, surely. FFS its the name of the album >_>